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Visit Probolinggo Tempoe Doeloe 2019, Feel The Atmostphere of Ancient Probolinggo

Visit Probolinggo Tempoe Doeloe 2019, Feel The Atmostphere of Ancient Probolinggo The Mayor of Probolinggo, Habib Hadi Zainal Abidin, on the grand opening of Probolinggo Tempoe Doeloe 2019. (Picture by: Damarhuda for TIMES Indonesia)
Senin, 11 November 2019 - 02:41

TIMESINDONESIA, PROBOLINGGO – Two folk party, The Probolinggo Tempoe Doeloe (PTD) and Pasar Rakyat Maulid Nabi 2019 was officially opened by The Mayor of Probolinggo Habib Hadi Zainal Abidin on Saturday (9/11/2019). These two events were planned to be conducted for 5 days till November 13th 2019.

"This is the 3rd event after annually held since 2017. This is intended to make the local community know more about their local culture," The Mayor said on his speech.

Still according to him, this event whic is supported by Diskop Pemprov Jatim, UdaraComm Probolinggo and DMR Production Surabaya was aimed to preserve the local culture and target the kids as the future generations.

Lots of food and some local traditional game shown on this market. The Probolinggo Tempoe Doeloe (PTD) is followed by 60 vendors from local communities such as OPD Pemkot Probolinggo, komunitas jadul, traditional culinary community and several local MSME.

Meanwhile Pasar Rakyat Maulid Nabi 2019 was supported by Herbangin and presented 80 booths and followed by 200 street food vendors from local community.

Several other media like TIMES Indonesia, Josstorday, SuaraJatim, MenaraMadinah and many more we re also supporting The Probolinggo Tempoe Doeloe and Pasar Rakyat Maulid Nabi 2019.(*)

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