Taste the Delicious and Spicy of Spaghetti Sambel Matah of Hotel @Hom GKB

Taste the Delicious and Spicy of Spaghetti Sambel Matah of Hotel @Hom GKB The Spaghetti Sambal Matah. (Picture by: Akmal/TIMES Indonesia)
Kamis, 24 Oktober 2019 - 04:22

TIMESINDONESIA, GESIK – Spaghetti or some people would say as pasta is world no.1 most popular food. As the most popular food Hotel @Hom GKB Gresik tried to make a fussion food with a blend of local and international taste as Spaghetti Sambah Matah.

The three stars Hotel tried to combine sambal matah or raw spicy shallot salsa with spaghetti along with sliced roasted duck. This was aimed to make the the local community with the local taste could enjoy the pasta.

"It makes the spaghetti has an exotic taste. People loves it, the spicy taste combined with the wonderful smell of kaffir lime leaves from the salsa makes it even more tasty," Chidir Haryadi the Chef of Hotel @Hom GKB said on Wednesday (23/10/2019).

Meanwhile, beside the Spaggetti Sambal Matah, the hotel also introduced 19 others menu which specifically dedicated for Indonesian customers with local taste. Fried rawon, fried chicken with lemon sauce and 3 colors fried rice will be presented as their new variant.

"The Spaghetti Sambah Matah and all new menus are intended to attract more customers to our hotel. The local and international taste will surely pamper them while enjoying their exquisite dine at Hotel @Hom GKB," he added. (*)

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