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Visit Pekan Batik Bondowoso 2019 and Find All Interesting Things About Batik

Visit Pekan Batik Bondowoso 2019 and Find All Interesting Things About Batik The Mayor of Bondowoso KH Salwa Arifin officially opens the Pekan Batik Bondowoso 2019. (Picture by: Moh Bahri/TIMES Indonesia).
Rabu, 23 Oktober 2019 - 05:12

TIMESINDONESIA, BONDOWOSO – The Local government of Bondowoso through the Dinas Koperasi, Perindustrian dan Perdagangan (Diskoperindag) or The Department of Cooperatives, Industry and Trade held Pekan Batik Bondowoso 2019. The Pekan Batik Bondowoso will be held for 5 days starting from October 21 - 25 2019

The Pekan Batik Bondowoso was held in order to introduce the local Batik of Bondowoso to the world. The Batik itself has it's very own distinctive pattern such as the cassava leaf, coffee leaf, tobacco leaf, coffee grain and many more.

"Batik has become a local heritage and culture for the local community of Bondowoso. They use it for their daily activities, either its formal or informal," The Mayor of Bondowoso, KH Salwa Arifin said.

Meanwhile, The Head of Diskoperindag of Bondowoso Sigit Purnomo said that this event is such a perfect event for all Batik enterpreneurs to stick their claws. It's a good venue to accomodate their products to be introduced to the world.

There will also be some talkshow, fashion show, batik drawing which will be followed by kindergarten and elementary school students on the Pekan Batik Bondowoso 2019. A batik design competition will also be held for the middle and senior high school students, and also the Batik Ambassador 2019 pageants. (*)

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