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Taman Rekreasi Selecta, the Most Popular Tourist Attraction in Batu City

Taman Rekreasi Selecta, the Most Popular Tourist Attraction in Batu City Wali Kota Batu, Dra Hj Dewanti Rumpoko M.Si. (Muhammad Dhani Rahman/TIMES Indonesia)
Rabu, 23 Oktober 2019 - 01:55

TIMESINDONESIA, BATUTaman Rekreasi Selecta has been the most popular tourist attraction in Batu City, East Java. On Sunday (20/10/2019), at 1.45 p.m., this amusement park got its one millionth customer.

The one millionth visitor in 2019 is Iwannuddin from Trenggalek, East Java. He is very lucky to get IDR 1,000,000 as a reward and other prizes.

This reward was handed over by the Regent of Batu, Dra Hj Dewanti Rumpoko, M.Si and the Director of Taman Rekreasi Selecta, Samuel Rusdi.

 “We are grateful as the number of our visitors keeps increasing significantly,” said Samuel.

He mentioned that the number of the visitors keeps increasing in each year. Previously in 2016, Selecta got its one millionth visitor in December; in 2017, in the end of November, and in 2018, in the second week of November. Meanwhile, in 2019, the one millionth customer comes in the third week of October. This means that the number of visitor keeps increasing.

There is no doubt that the number of visitors in Selecta will keep increasing as Selecta keeps improving their natural potential and facilities.

The Regent of Batu congratulated the Management Officers of Taman Rekreasi Selecta, which then became the best birthday present to Batu City.

 “Taman Rekreasi Selecta is owned by thousands locals around here. In fact, this amusement park is the biggest taxpayer in Batu,” said Dra Hj Dewanti. (*)

Jurnalis : Muhammad Dhani Rahman
Editor : Tiara Dewanti DJ
Publisher : Ahmad Rizki Mubarok
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