Reog Bulkiyo Blitar is Listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage

Reog Bulkiyo Blitar is Listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage Reog Bulkiyo performance on Festival Panji, Blitar. (Picture by: Istimewa)
Jum'at, 18 Oktober 2019 - 03:36

TIMESINDONESIA, BLITARReog Bulkiyo which was presented in Kemloko Tourism Village, Nglegok, Blitar, East Java is listed as the Intangible Cultural Heritage by the Director General of Culture Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia on Thursday (17/10/2019).

"The sustainable performance and show of the reog dance has become a major assessment why this predicate is given," Suhendro, the Head of Tourism Department of Blitar said.

In addition, still according to him, there was not only the Reog Bulkiyo that stated as the intangible cultural heritage at the time, the Reog Bulkiyo was listed along with the Larung Sesaji Pantai Tambakrejo ceremony.

The two inheritances was not the only things listed as the intangible cultural heritage of Blitar. The Siraman Gong Mbah Pradah ceremony was also listed as intangicultural herigar of Blitar two years ago.

The local government of Blitar was planning to propose another intangible culture to be listed as Indonesian intangible cultural heritage. As to the Reog Bulkiyo, the local government of Blitar hope that it could be one tourist attraction that could lift Blitar's name to the world. (*)

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