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Study Reveals Regular Fish Consumption Linked to Higher IQ Level

Study Reveals Regular Fish Consumption Linked to Higher IQ Level Ilustrasi - Sering Makan Ikan Bisa Meningkatkan IQ Anak-Anak (FOTO: motivasinews)
Minggu, 06 Oktober 2019 - 04:46

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – A study from Pennsylvania University reveals that fish consumption could affect children’s IQ. Weekly fish consumption could raise IQ level by 4 points. Besides, it is also linked to a better sleep.

This study involved 541 children in China of various ages. They were required to fill out a questionnaire about how often they ate fish.

Their choices were around “never” to “once a week”. Then, the IQ test, which tested their verbal and non-verbal skill, vocabulary, and coding, was also conducted.

Their parents were required to answer some standard question about their sleeping duration and their drowsiness during the day.

The data showed that the IQ of the children who eat fish once a week is 4.8 points higher than those who rarely or never consume fish. Besides, they have a better sleep than those who don’t consume fish.

Fish contains omega-3 that has many health beneficial, such as supporting muscle relaxation, digestion, and blood coagulation.

If you want to raise your children’s IQ, make your children eat more fish. In fact, omega-3 found in fish could make your children sleep better. (*)

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