Kontes Kambing Boer Blitar, a Wonderful Contest for Goat

Kontes Kambing Boer Blitar, a Wonderful Contest for Goat Dozens of Goat joining the Kambing Boer Blitar Cocoa Festival 2019, Blitar. (Picture by: Sholeh/TIMES Indonesia)
Minggu, 14 Juli 2019 - 05:10

TIMESINDONESIA, BLITAR – There are dozens of goat exhibit at the Blitar Cocoa Festival 2019 at Kemloko, Nglegok, Blitar, East Java on Saturday ( 13/7/2019). This goats were intended to joining the Goat Contest or Kontes Kambing Boer.

"The goat joining the contest came from any area in East Java. Some of them came from Pacitan, Malang, Trenggalek, Bondowoso and of course Blitar. It's kind of occasional event for us," the Head of Livestock and Fisheries Service Adi Andaka said.

On this occasion, still according to him, they only focused on Cross Boer type. The judge will asses what kind of treatment they had, the weight, goat's posture and ears shape, whether it's close to F1 requirement or not.

In addition, he also said that the event will be held annually. And that the local government will willingly support this kind of event. He also asked the community too gather and cooperate with the local government of Blitar to develop the the Goat farm in this area for their own benefit.

Moreover, he also hope that through the Kontes Kambing Blitar or the goat contest event could raise the community will to take care and treat their goats even better. (*)

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