Meet Liu Yifei, Your New Mulan

Meet Liu Yifei, Your New Mulan The Mulan. (Source: liputan6)
Minggu, 14 Juli 2019 - 00:34

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Disney had held some casting in 5 continents to find the perfect character for Mulan. After a yearlong search, the role of Mulan went to Liu Yifei.

Liu Yifei managed to get rid of more than a thousand rival that joining the cast. Her talent and experienced in several holkywood movie has attracted Disney to put their choice on her.

"Its not an easy job to find the perfect character for Mulan. We try to find the perfect look which suit the animation character, a d of course ethos who could speak English fluently and a diva aura," Niki Carothe director of Mulan said.

Its been confirmedd that she was also play several popular movies like Demi- Gods and Semi-Devils series, The Return of the Condor Heroes, and Forbidden Kingdom and The Four.

On top of that, she has martial arts skills, which was a factor when Liu Yifei was cast as Hua Mulan. Cant wait to see her acting huh? You must be a little patient because Mulan is scheduled to be released on 27th March 2020.(*)

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