Purnama Seruling Penataran Ballet Blitar to be Re-staged

Purnama Seruling Penataran Ballet Blitar to be Re-staged Purnama Seruling Penataran ballet. (Picture by: Istimewa)
Sabtu, 13 Juli 2019 - 03:37

TIMESINDONESIA, BLITAR – The arts council or the Dewan Kesenian Blitar planned to re-staged the Purnama Seruling Penataran ballet at the Candi Palah or Palah Temple, Penataran, Nglegok, Blitar, East Java on the next Tuesday (16/7/2019).

"As we all know, Purnama Seruling Penataran is a ballet that performed by some local and foreign artist. On this occasion the Blitar arts council will also give some performance to enliven the night, " the Head of Blitar arts council Wima Brahmantya said on Friday (12/7/2019).

On the occasion, the ballet will told the story of Bubhuksah and Gagang Aking. This is a story of a journey of two man until to step their feet in the Paradise. This story was taken from the relief patched on the Palah temple.

In addition, there will also the be Jaranan pegon dance of Blitar, and the Barong as well. There will be some Barongsai and Liong (the Chinese dragon dance) from the Poo An Kiong Temple too.

You could get the Purnama Seruling Penataran Ballet Blitar ticket by visiting their official website at www.purnamaserulingpenataran.com. There were only 304 VIP seat, 140economy seat, and 400 festival seats. So, you better do the reservation or you gonna missed it!!!. (*)

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