Jember Coffee Served at UN table at Geneva Swiss? Why Not?

Jember Coffee Served at UN table at Geneva Swiss? Why Not? dr Faida, Jember Mayor introduce the local product of Jember at the Human Rights Forum of United Nation at Geneva, Swiss. (Picture by: Istimewa)
Rabu, 19 Juni 2019 - 23:33

TIMESINDONESIA, JEMBER – You guys must be wondered how a local coffee from Jember could be served at the UN table at their human rights conference at Geneva, Swiss on Monday (17/6/2019)? Well, the Jember Mayor honored to have a chance to introduce the local product from Jember.

Not only a regular coffee, dr Faida brought a very special coffee from Jember that hooked the delegation's hearts. She also make sure that the quality of the coffee she brought will be maintained to be at the best quality since they have special coffee researcher and expert for it.

"We got the main factor to produce the best quality of coffee. And we got lots of barista in Jember. They are the expert of turning this coffee into a masterpiece," dr Faida said.

Still according to her, she will welcome everyone who would like to come to Jember and have some tour. She will provide the accomodations for them for the good will.

"We will also help the Jember Fashion Carnival by the beginning of August. So, come join me in Jember," she added after introducing the Jember coffee to the UN delegations. (*)

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