The Provincial Government of NTB to Promote MotoGP Mandalika 2021 in France

The Provincial Government of NTB to Promote MotoGP Mandalika 2021 in France Kuta Mandalika in Central Lombok, the venue of MotoGP 2021. (PHOTO: Anugrah Dany/TIMES Indonesia)
Sabtu, 15 Juni 2019 - 23:20

TIMESINDONESIA, MATARAM – The Provincial Government of NTB is planning to promote the event of MotoGP Mandalika 2021 in Paris, France.

This promotion will be organized by the Vice Governor of NTB, Dr. Hj Sitti Rohmi Djalilah, in the event of The International Coordinating Council of the Man, and the Biosphere Programme, UNESCO in Paris, 17 to 21 June 2019.

 “This is one of the method to promote the event to the fans of MotoGP. France, one of the biggest fan bases of MotoGP, is the best place to promote this event.” Said the Head of PR Bureau and Protocol of Provincial Government of NTB, Najamuddin Amy in Mataram, Friday (14/06/2019).

Najamuddin expected that MotoGP Mandalika could attract many fans of MotoGP from around the world.

According to him, this event should have a great promotion strategy and massive socialization to attract many fans.

“Although it has been officially announced by the organizer, we should optimize the promotion to attract more fans to come to Kuta Mandalika,” he said.

There are many important aspects that need to be socialized to the public in France, especially about the beauty of the venue of MotoGP Mandalika.

 “MotoGP Mandalika is not only about the skill of the racers, but also shows off the exotic beauty of Kuta Mandalika. Those who come here to watch MotoGP will be able to experience an unforgettable vacation in various tourism attractions in Lombok and Sumbara,” Najamuddin added.

That’s why, the Vice Governor of NTB and the group will promote MotoGP 2021 in the event in Paris.

“We want to tell the public in Paris, France, that the tourism NTB keeps improving. Besides, we are going to be the host of MotoGP Mandalika 2021 soon,” said Najamuddin. (*)

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