Senin, 16 September 2019

A High Cone-Shaped Brem at EatHouse Madiun will Bring You Back to the Old Taste

A High Cone-Shaped Brem at EatHouse Madiun will Bring You Back to the Old Taste The high cone-shaped Brem at Eathouse Gallery & Cafe. (Picture by: Yupi Apridayani/TIMES Indonesia)
Sabtu, 25 Mei 2019 - 05:30

TIMESINDONESIA, MADIUN – As their attempt to conserve and bring back the old culture to the millenials Eathouse Gallery & Cafe, Caruban, Madiun made a Tumpeng Brem or high cone-shaped bremcakes which will remain for 6 month.

Brem is the traditional fermented food or fermented beverage from Indonesia. The bremcake (solid) is usually eaten as snack from Madiun. Brem has it's natural preservatives that could make last longer for more than 6 month.

"The central production of bremcake in Madiun is at Kaliabu, Mejayan. It is a trade mark cake from Madiun. But lately, it has become less popular as a regular snack on for Madiun's people, and lots of producer turn close down their business," Musa said on the official release of the cone-shaped brem, Wednesday (22/5/2019).

Nowadays, people tend to choose the modern snack. And it makes the brem market bit quiet. And by this gigantic cone shaped bremcakes he intending to remind the people that brem is still here and exist.

This 3,5 meter Tumpeng Brem or cone-shaped bremcakes which is shown at Eathouse Gallery & Cafe, Caruban, Madiun was made in two days. They need around 1,500 brem bars to patched on the bamboo frame and take around 14 people to do it. Musa also intending not to disassemble the tumpeng for at least 6 month. (*)

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