Selasa, 17 September 2019

Wow!!! We Got Indian Village in Kediri, Let's Check It Out

Wow!!! We Got Indian Village in Kediri, Let's Check It Out Indian Village in Kediri. (Photo by: Istimewa)
Kamis, 23 Mei 2019 - 02:12

TIMESINDONESIA, KEDIRI – Usually we only see Indian and their attributes in movie right? This time, Kediri offers you a new Indian village or Kampung Indian which you could enjoy with your family or friends.

Located at Sempu, Ngancar, Kediri this tourism attraction offers you lots of selfie spot like the traditional Indian house, ornaments, attributes, and Indian accessories.

“This place is so cool and comfy. We could spend lots of time here without being bored. A perfect place before the iftsr time," Dwi a visitor of this place said.

You only need to pay IDR 5 K for the entrance fee. They also has a beautiful swimming pool, park, and several interesting attraction.

You could also rent an Indian headdress for only IDR 5 K which you can use as long as u want during being on that place. Kampung Indian or Indian Village Kediri will surely pamper you with Indian stuff. And dont forget to shout like Indian Alalala ayye!!!. (*)

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