Healthy Foods for Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Healthy Foods for Beautiful, Healthy Hair ILLUSTRATION – Beautiful, healthy hair (PHOTO: shutterstock)
Kamis, 16 Mei 2019 - 11:00

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – You can get healthy hair by consuming healthy foods. Here are some foods for healthy and beautiful hair.

Cited from Alo Dokter, here are several foods for healthy and beautiful hair.

1. Banana

Thick, shining hair is a sign of healthy hair. By consuming banana, your hair will be thicker, shining, and strong due to the high level of vitamin B6.

2. Guava

Consuming guava regularly could prevent hair damage because guava contains vitamin C and antioxidant that could protect hair from free radicals and damage.

3. Avocado

You may eat this fruit directly or juice it. Avocado could promote healthier hair. Besides, vitamin E in avocado could strengthen your hair and prevent hair loss and damage.

4. Sweet potato

Sweet potato is rich in beta-carotene that is turned into vitamin A. This vitamin increase the sebum production that could keep your hair hydrated. Besides, vitamin A could promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

5. Spinach

Spinach could maintain the scalp and promote healthy hair. Spinach contains vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene, and folic acid that could strengthen your hair.

6. Chicken meat

Protein deficiency could increase the risk of hair damage. To prevent hair damage, you can consume chicken meat that is high in protein. You may also consume chicken egg as another source of protein.

7. Cinnamon

Consuming cinnamon could improve blood circulation. A better blood circulation could supply oxygen and nutrition to your hair which can promote healthy hair.

Try to consume those healthy foods regularly for healthier hair. You may also consult the nutritionist to know better about other foods that are healthy for your hair. (*)

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