Sawahlunto Mining Site is Proposed to be an International Heritage

Sawahlunto Mining Site is Proposed to be an International Heritage 1920 Hoofdkantoor Ombilinmijnen. (PHOTO: Kemdikbud.go.id)
Rabu, 17 April 2019 - 18:02

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – The Ministry of Cultural and Education (Kemendikbud RI) is hoping that the Sawahlunto mining site West Sumatera soon could be an international heritage as they have proposed the letter to the UNESCO on 2017.

"Sawahlunto is the oldest mining site which has been built since the colonialism era 1982. And we have completed all the documents to make this site become an international heritage, and the UNESCO will announce it on their trial by July 2019," Nadjamudin the Director of Heritage and Cultural Diplomacy Kemendikbud RI said.

This proposal was delivered by the Cultural Drpartment of Sawahlunto supported by some other territory around this site which was become the Ombilin mining track at that time.

Padang Pariaman, Tanah Datar, Kota Padang, Kota Padang Panajang,Solok, and Sawahlunto was the rail track of the Ombilin mining site. Unfortunately, the rail track has been piled by the dirt.

"The Mak Itam steam train whis was used to carry the coal from Sawahlunto to Teluk Bayur, Padang has been given back by the Ambarawa (Central Java) to the Sawahlunto, however we need to dig the railway up to restore the trail," he added. (*)

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