Es Teler Dempo, Has never Become an Out of Date Beverage

Es Teler Dempo, Has never Become an Out of Date Beverage Es teler Dempo shop (PHOTO: Instagram @yustinarilistiyanti)
Rabu, 17 April 2019 - 00:47

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANGMalang will never run out of cullinary destination. This time, Es Teller Dempo, an Indonesian fruit cocktail will give you an unforgettable taste for your tongue.

Located behind the SMA katolik Santo Albertus or at Jalan Gede Malang, this 3×6 shop has never run out of customers since it was first open on 1978.

Es-teler-Dempo2.jpg(FOTO: Instagram @ajakmakan)

"I took over this small fruit cocktail shop from my father, he tried another beverage before he put his choice to this es teler, and now I try to maintain his recipe till now," Hartik Sri Wahyuni, the second generation of the first owner who now run this place said.

Still according to her, the es teler cost the customers around IDR 350 when it first time sold on 1978. And now, the price is still affordable, around IDR 10000 to IDR 20000.

There are lots of flavour for this es teler, Mocca, Durian, original, and the green beans. Lots of people from any generation came there just to taste their es teler. But the most wanted at the Es Teller Dempo Malang are the durian and mocca flavours. (*)

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