How to reduce Body Fat? Limit The Following Foods

How to reduce Body Fat? Limit The Following Foods Illustration (Photo: Thinkstock)
Selasa, 12 Februari 2019 - 09:57

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – The excessive fat in the body is often a problem for everyone, due to it slowly can increase body weight. Managing the diet is the right way to overcome this problem. One of them is by limiting the following foods:

1. Foods containing starch (flour)

White rice, white bread, pasta, or biscuits contain starch (flour). It turns out containing low fiber, which can inhibit the process of food digestion. This causes of blood sugar and insulin levels growth high in the body.

If the insulin level increases and there are much carbohydrate intake, so the fat cells will have difficulty in burning glucose into energy. As a result, fat in the body actually accumulates and it causes weight gain.

2. Sweet foods and beverages

For those of you who enjoy sweet foods such as cakes, ice cream, soda, or candy, you should try reducing the portions. This type of food and drink can trigger weight gain.

The more sugar intake, so the blood glucose level will increase and it is difficult to convert into energy. So don't be surprised if later the amount of fat in the body increases and the body weight continues to rise.

3. Red meat and processed meat

Consumption of large amounts of red meat has been shown to increase body weight, both in people who are of normal or more weight.

In addition, red meat and the product that uses red meat as ingredients, such as sausages, also contain high saturated fat which can cause many health problems. Starting from high cholesterol, hypertension, to heart disease.

4. Fried food

Fried food is often used as a snack when watching TV. But unfortunately, savory and salty foods, in fact can also cause rapid of weight gain. Because, every 100 grams of fried potatoes contain 312 calories the same as one serving of breakfast.

In conclusion, limit consumption of the above food to reduce the excessive fat in the body so that you get the ideal body weight. (*)

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