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iGuides sebagai Indeks Rekomendasi Indonesia Jadi Solusi Masyarakat Positif 5.0.

iGuides sebagai Indeks Rekomendasi Indonesia Jadi Solusi Masyarakat Positif 5.0. Society 5.0
Jum'at, 08 Februari 2019 - 07:50

TIMESINDONESIA, DENPASAR – iGuides as a guide platform helps the positive society 5.0 in choosing recommended places and products based on technology and big data. This platform is as the Indonesian Recommendation Index that formulated by TIMES Indonesia( for the community especially the positive society 5.0.

Positive society 5.0 is a term taken from a new vision of Japan, namely Society 5.0. According to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, in the Society 5.0, the data connect and moves everything. Communities in this era will be connected by data to increase future growth. "The essence of Society 5.0 is to enable a quick solution that is worthiest to meet the needs of each individual," The Prime Minister, Abe said.

Based on the concept of society 5.0 which has a positive impact on human life, then the term of positive society 5.0 is adopted. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) TIMES Indonesia Network (, Khoirul Anwar explained that positive society 5.0 describes a new society that has the ability to integrate modern technology, big data, and supporting devices in the industrial revolution 4.0 with wisdom in its utilization.

From this reason, TIMES Indonesia ( formulated worthy and fast guidelines for positive society 5.0 based on technology and big data, namely iGuides.

iGuides also functions as a review journalism. TIMES Indonesia Chief Editor (, Yatimul Ainun explained, iGuides will present a journalism review that is firstly introduced in TIMES Indonesia ( through News Maps.

"Places and products will be routinely reviewed based on a variety of rational big data platforms, according to the wishes of positive society 5.0," Ainun said.

Ainun explained the three objectives making of iGuides. First, it helps to be a positive guidance for the positive society. Secondly, helping managers of any places or producer in convincing positive people to use their places and products.

"Third, iGuides which is the  Indonesian Recommendation Index stimulates the digital economy by utilizing the industrial revolution 4.0 in a good, positive and right way to serve the positive society 5.0 ," he said. (*)

Jurnalis : Imadudin Muhammad
Editor : Ferry Agusta Satrio
Publisher : Rizal Dani