5 Convenient Hotels in Yogjakarta for Travellers

5 Convenient Hotels in Yogjakarta for Travellers Hotel in Jogjakarta (Photo: Booking.com)
Kamis, 24 Januari 2019 - 18:07

TIMESINDONESIA, YOGYAKARTA – As a tourist destination Yogjakarta has lots of hotels for travellers to stay. Nowadays, lots of hotels been built conveniently to fulfill the travellers needs.

However, 5 hotels below will give you a new sensation and an unforgettable experience for you to try.

1. Lokal Hotel.
Recently Lokal Hotel has become one of the most wanted hotel in Jogjakarta. This hotel has lots of unique spots to take some selfies yet it's designed so conveniently. The room it self was built in two floors, the first floor is used as the living room where the sofa and TV set were put there. And the second floor is where the bed sit.

2. Greenhost Prawirotaman.
This hotel gives unique concepts of hotel i.e green, industrial and scandinavian. Blending all three concepts together make this green industrial scandinavian hotel looks so contrast yet beautiful. The calm hydrophone garden and lots of wooden panels patched on a concrete wall makes the concept explicitly shown. In the evening there will be a warm light surrounding this hotel which make it more fascinating.

3. Adhistana Hotel
Adhistana hotel offers you a traditional look with a modern touch. The design interior was made in old European era yet the furniture taken from modern one. That what makes this hotel unique. The soft color chosen on the design make this hotel feel so warm and comfy.

4. Pawon Cokelat Guesthouse
Pawon Cokelat Guesthouse also offers us an industrial concept with lots of wood and green plants as it's main materials. Moreover, this hotel was located in the centre of the city near Malioboro. So if you chose this hotel, u will have an easy access to any place you like especially Malioboro and Alun-Alun Kidul.

5. Yats Colony
Yats Colony regarded as a new hotel in Yogjakarta. However with a modern style bedroom, a tropical style pool and a nice looking cafe which suitable to take some selfies, this hotel has become a choice for lots of tourists to stay.

With all those 5 convenient hotels above you will have an amazing experiences spending your nights while you travel in Yogjakarta. Try it out and feel the pleasure. (*)

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