Exercising When You're Sick, Why not?

Exercising When You're Sick, Why not? Exercise when sick (PHOTO: Hello Sehat)
Sabtu, 10 November 2018 - 01:05

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Many people do not exercise when the body is not fit. The reason is because the body condition will be worse. Are we permitted to exercise or not when we are sick?

Exercising or just doing physical activity has a number of health benefits ranging from increasing stamina up to improving mood. This activity can be done when you are not feeling well, as long as you do not have a high fever.

This was revealed by Dr. Grace Joselini, a doctor who handled the Indonesian women's football national team at the 2018 Asian Games.

Meanwhile, for flu cases, a study from Ball State University some time ago showed that moderate intensity of physical activity had no effect on the severity of the flu. However, if the flu or other conditions cause a systemic infection, so, exercise is a bad idea.

"If the symptoms are like sinuses, disorders of the nose, sore throat, exercise do not help or harm. No problem continuing to exercise," said professor and director of Appalachian State University's Human Performance Lab, David Nieman.

Light and moderate intensity of exercise that you do can be measured one of them through talk tests. If you are still able to sing while doing a type of sport, which means it's in the light category.

If you have difficulty in singing but you can still speak, it means that the exercise you are doing has belonged moderate intensity.

"Indeed, to get accurate results of the intensity of exercise that we do must measure the pulse. The Talk test actually can also be done. To be healthy actually can have light exercise, and that is enough," Grace said.

The importance of exercising or at least being active has been a recommendation by health experts for a long time. Sports can make someone to avoid various diseases, especially those that are not contagious category, such as heart disease and diabetes.

Well, if you want to have exercise when you are sick, first make sure you are in good condition. If your body isn't fit only, you can still exercise lightly. However, if you have a high fever you should have a rest until your body's condition improves. (*)

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