Sultan Agung Mosque to be Renovated into a Tourism Mosque

Sultan Agung Mosque to be Renovated into a Tourism Mosque Sultan Agung Mosque will be renovated into a tourism mosque in order to complete the facilities and infrastructure in Batu City (PHOTO: Muhammad Dhani Rahman/TIMES Indonesia)
Sabtu, 15 September 2018 - 00:26

TIMESINDONESIA, BATUSultan Agung Mosque belonging to Muslim Pancasila Foundation, which is located in Jalan Sultan Agung, Sisir, Batu sub-district, will be renovated into a tourism mosque.

The city government of Batu cooperated with the Ministry of Religion to change this mosque into a tourism mosque that will be used as a place of worship for the tourists.

According to the plan, this program will be started in this year by preparing the budget through the Change in Regional Budget (P-APBD) of 2018.

 “We will ask for a permission to Muslim Pancasila Foundation first, whether we could renovate the mosque without changing the original structure. Then, we will cooperate with the Ministry of Religion,” said the Vice Regent of Batu City, Punjul Santoso.

As the City of Tourism, Batu needs a place of worship that has the theme of tourism. Sultan Agung Mosque is very suitable as a tourism mosque.

Not only having a vast parking lot, this mosque is also near to many tourism objects and hotels. This mosque is located in the side of the road that connects cities.

 “We will design it as beautiful as we could. The Ministry of Religion will be helped by the city government of Batu. The Ministry of Religion also cooperates with the SMEs so that they can organize the street vendors around there,” said Punjul.

Nowadays, the famous tourism destination is not merely nature tourisms, but also religious tourisms. Batu City has a lot of them, such as Luhur Giri Arjuna Shrine which is crowded with tourists from Bali, Dhammadipa Arama Monastery which has a pagoda and a statue of Buddha, and Gembala Baik Church that has Little Jesus Statue and Holy Mary statue. Soon, Sultan Agung Mosque will be also a tourism mosque. (*)

Jurnalis : Muhammad Dhani Rahman
Editor : Tiara Dewanti DJ
Publisher : Rizal Dani