What is Street Soccer Sport? Here's Explanation from Chairman of ASSI Mandira Isman

What is Street Soccer Sport? Here's Explanation from Chairman of ASSI Mandira Isman ASSI Chairman Mandira Isman (right) with Menpora RI Imam Nahrawi. (PHOTO: ASSI for TIMES Indonesia)
Kamis, 17 Mei 2018 - 13:38

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Although it starts to be populer to be competed, Street Soccer sport is still not familiar in the community. What sport is this? Chairman of the Association of Street Soccer Indonesia (ASSI) Mandira Isman said that street soccer is a new sport for the citizen, but it starts to be populer.

"Street soccer is basically the same as Futsal. The number of players is the same. Four people. It consists of three players and one keeper. The difference is only on the field and the rules, '' said Mandira.

Futsal field and rules have been set by FIFA. "If Futsal is usually indoor, although there is also an outdoor. While, Street Soccer's field is free, it can be on the streets, public squares, or even paved roads, '' stated Mandira, the grandson of National Hero, Mas Isman.

Each team, he continued, has a maximum of 4 players. One of them is the goalkeeper. "Even, there are rules of the competition that required 5 players in a team, one of them is the goalkeeper, '' added Mandira.

In addition, there is a rule that the goalkeeper is allowed to take the ball by hand inside the penalty box in front of the goal. While, other players in both teams are banned from holding the ball with their hands.

"The exception to this rule applies when the ball bounches high or leaves the game or field area and a kick in is done to return the ball into the game where the ball leaves out the game area, '' he explained.

In this Street Soccer every year held world championships. Namely Street Children World Cup (SCWC) or Street Football World Cup. Well, in the year 2018 was held in Russia. In Indonesia this sport is embodied by the Association of Street Soccer Indonesia (ASSI) which was inaugurated in August the 20th, 2015 by Menpora RI.

At SCWC 2018, Indonesia sent a team of 9 children. Namely Garuda Muda Street Soccer team. In this SCWC match, Indonesia team occupies the 4th position of the world.

Mandira Isman hopes this Street Soccer sport will soon be booming in Indonesian society. (*)

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