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West Java Governor Election 2018, Based on Some Survey Institutions

West Java Governor Election 2018, Based on Some Survey Institutions The survey results of West Java Governor Election (Pilgub Jabar) (Graphic: TIMES Indonesia)
Rabu, 27 Juni 2018 - 00:48

TIMESINDONESIA, BANDUNG – Election of 2018 Regional Heads simultaneously will be held on June 27, 2018. In Governor Election of West Java, there are four candidate pairs who will compete. They are Ridwan Kamil-Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, Deddy Mizwar-Dedi Mulyadi, Sudrajat-Ahmad Syaikhu, and TB Hasanuddin-Anton Charliyan.

From many results of the survey, the candidate pair of Ridwan Kamil-Uu Ruzhanul Ulum is known superior compared to other candidates.

For example, the results of the LSI Denny JA survey related to West Java Governor Election, for the period of 7-14 June 2018 with 440 respondents and using multistage random sampling method with a margin of error: +/- 4.8 percent yielded pair Ridwan Kamil-Uu Ruzhanul, 38 percent, Deddy Mizwar-Dedi Mulyadi, 36.6 percent, Sudrajat-Akhmad Syaikhu 8.2 percent and Hasanuddin-Anton Charliyan Tb got 7.7 percent. For more detailed about West Java Governor Election, read in TIMES Indonesia (timesindonesia.co.id). Click here. (*)


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