Afdian Perdana's Success Story of His Property Business After the Pandemic

Minggu, 20 November 2022 - 11:53 | 15.81k
Afdian Perdana's Success Story of His Property Business After the Pandemic
Afdian Perdana enjoying a cup of coffee. (Photo: Personal document of Afdian Perdana)

TIMESINDONESIA, BALI – Covid-19 pandemic has turned everyone upside down especially when it talks about business. Since it fiest encountered, Covid has made people fell down in to the ground and some even had to lose their busines or their job. Just like what happened to Afdian Perdana.  

This guy worked as Sales Manager at a prominent company before. With the presence of Covid-19 the company had to sent him home for financial reason. "I was disappointed, afraid, and doubt all at the same time. But I know that those feelings will just brought  me to a worse condition," he said. 

Rise up! That could be the magic spell he always chanted that time. This 36 years old guy started to think of the perfect busines to match his character. With the severance pay given by the company he went to Bali for vacation as well looking for some business opportunity. 

The guy who previously lived in Germany for 7 years keep in his mind that fortune will come for us just like death do his job. During his stay in Bali Afdian got a call from his fellow friend in Germany who would like to get a piece of property in Bali. 

Though it was hard at the time, Afdian keep trying his luck on the property business. "After trying all kind of business, to me property is the best investment which always give capital gain. The point is we have a competitive investor and good strategy," Afdian said. 

He spent days by days and years to come. And finally his hard work been paid. He now has managed to spread his wings on property business. From hotels to villas this guy expanded his business and enjoy the profit. 

"From this on, I started to create my own small company. Having a good connection I also started another busines related to Visa application for the investors," he added. 
Though his business was started during the pandemic Afdian never let go on what he had. He had to face many obstacles but at the end of the day he managed to tackle all the issues he has. 

As for now, Afdian Perdana has had managed to secure his business and make it sturdy. For now, he was thinking of establishing an Islamic Dormitory School which focusing on Quran recital to produce at least 1000 students who are able to recite the moslem holy Quran. "As for now we have atound 40 kids joining," he ended.(*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Ahmad Rizki Mubarok