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Joko Widodo Speech on Grand Opening of G20 Indonesia

Selasa, 15 November 2022 - 13:35 | 11.99k
Joko Widodo Speech on Grand Opening of G20 Indonesia
Joko Widodo open G20 Indonesia. (Photo: Setkab RI)

G20 Indonesia

TIMESINDONESIA, BALI – Joko Widodo or also known as Jokowi The President of Indonesia has officially opened the G20 Indonesia summit. The president open the summit on Tuesday morning (15/11/2022).

Jokowi greet and welcome all the world's leaders coming to The Purva Kempinski, Nusa Dua, Bali. The march starting from the President of IsDB M Sulaiman Al Jasser to the President of United States Joe Biden. 

Once everyone in, Jokowi officially open the summit and deliver some short speech related to democracy, dialogue, and peace. Here is his complete speech delivered during the grand opening. 

Excellencies, leaders, good morning, I here by declare the G20 Summit open.

Welcome to Bali. Welcome to Indonesia. It is an honor for Indonesia to host the G20 summit. I fully understand it has been a great effort for us to sit together in this room.

The honorable leaders, the world is facing a remarkable issues, there has been lots of crisis going on, the Ocvid-19 pandemic has not end yet, rivalry keep going on, war happens. 

And the effect of the crisis was the food stability, energy, and finance was affecting the world especially the developing countries.

The fertilizer issue can't be set a side. If we don't take further step so there will be enough fertilizer, then 2023 will be a dark days. The high price of fertilizer make insufficient food supply. the absence of fertilizer makes the world unable to do the harvest.

there are 48 developing countries which wait for the lack of food supply and are facing serious issues. 

Furthermore, we have to see the DNA of international law which being tested. 

Excellencies, the eye of the world is on us, whether will we create more success or yet another failure. To me, G20 has to be success and can't be fail. Indonesia has to struggle as they could be a path to unite a huge gap. 

But the success is could only be achieved if we all without any exception commit and work hard to set aside the difference to create something real, something beneficial for the world. 

Excellencies, Indonesia has 17.000 islands, 1300 ethnicity, and  more than 700 different languages. Democracy has been applied starting from the village level; head of village election, to the country governance; presidential election, governor, regent and mayor.

As a democratic country, Indonesia realize the importance of dialogue to blend difference into one. And the G20 must to have the same vibrant about it.

We have no other option. Paradigm of collaboration is badly needed to save the world. 

We all have responsibility not only for our people but also for people of the world. Being responsible, means respecting international laws and principles of the UN Charter consistently. Being responsible means creating win-win not zero some situation. 

Being responsible here are also means that we must end the war. If the war has not end, it will be difficult for the world to move forward. If the world does not end, it will be difficult for us to take responsibility, for future of current generation, and future generations.

We should not divide world into parts, we must not allow the world fall into another cold war.

Excellencies, Indonesia expecting the G20 could be a path to lead the inclusive economic recovery. in the middle of this hard time, Indonesia has worked all the time to get a real achievement, or preparing some finance to face the outcoming pandemic through pandemic fund, help some countries with low GDP with their fiscal space through resilience and sustainability trust, supporting the acceleration of SDGs, creating hundreds real cooperation, and supporting a developed and sustainable economic recovery   through Bali Compact about the energy transition. 

We are not just talk about it but make it real.

Last but not least, let's show the world that we can be subtle and responsible and show some leadership.

Let's work and cooperate together for the world. Recover Together, Recover Stronger.

Joko Widodo or Jokowi closed his speech by taking the media outside and start the G20 Indonesia summit with all the world's leaders in it. (*)

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