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Nusa Dua Restriction Trial for G20 Indonesia Begins 11-12 November 2022

Kamis, 10 November 2022 - 15:00 | 19.87k
Nusa Dua Restriction Trial for G20 Indonesia Begins 11-12 November 2022
The gate of ITDC Nusa Dua Bali. (Photo: Itdc.co.id)

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TIMESINDONESIA, BALI – Trial of entry restrictions in The Nusa Dua area, during the G20 Indonesia Summit, will take place on 11-12 November 2022.

Restricting entry for vehicles and people to The Nusa Dua is an effort to prevent traffic congestion and maintain security because the area is the location for several state guests to stay and a series of events for the G20 Summit.

"Implementation (restriction rules) in the ITDC (The Nusa Dua) area from 13 to 17 (November). The trials were carried out on 11 and 12,"  the General Manager (GM) of The Nusa Dua I Gusti Ngurah Ardita said, quoted from Antara on Wednesday ( 9/11/2022).

Ardita said this restriction was the result of discussions between the management of The Nusa Dua with the Presidential Security Forces (Paspampres), the Ministry of State Secretariat, and the National Police.

"The rules have been discussed together. The considerations are for smooth (traffic), to reduce traffic density in the area, and for security," Ardita said.

During the trial and implementation of access restrictions to The Nusa Dua, anyone who enters the area needs to wear/show a special identification such as the G20 Summit ID badge or identification bracelet given by the hotel for tourists and employees.

"For identification, it is to ensure that the tourist is indeed in the area, so bracelets are made, given from the hotel," Ardita said.

Those who wear the G20 Summit ID badge or the special bracelet can freely move in The Nusa Dua area. However, their movement is likely to be hampered if there is the activity by the head of state/head of government in The Nusa Dua area.

Up to now, the core event of the G20 Summit which was attended by state leaders took place outside The Nusa Dua, namely at The Apurva Kempinski, Nusa Dua, Badung, on 15-16 November 2022.

Besides The Apurva, other locations visited by heads of state/government are Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park, and Ngurah Rai Mangrove Forest Park (Tahura).

Most of the series of side events and spouse programs for the G20 Summit took place at The Nusa Dua. The following are the special rules from The Nusa Dua during 13-17 November 2022 or the G20 Indonesia specifically:

1. Arrangements for operational support for state activities at the G20 Summit to take place from 13-17 November 2022;
2. Implemented restrictions on vehicles entering the Nusa Dua area;
3. Access to The Nusa Dua area through the North Gate and South Gate. Main Gate is only used for delegate access;
4. Vehicles that are allowed to enter are four or more wheels with an official sticker from the G20 Joint Secretariat;
5. For employees and those who have activities in The Nusa Dua area, they are required to use an official G20 ID;
6. Motorcycles are prohibited from entering the Nusa Dua area;
7. Tourists who stay in The Nusa Dua area are required to wear a marker bracelet provided by the hotel/facility. (*)

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