De Jayagiri Padjajaran Broaden Your Knowledge about Bandung

Senin, 07 November 2022 - 15:39 | 10.90k
De Jayagiri Padjajaran Broaden Your Knowledge about Bandung
A nice ambience of wooden house at De Jayagiri Padjajaran Bandung. (PHOTO: Instagram/@dejayagiripadjajaran)

TIMESINDONESIA, BANDUNG – Bandung has dozens of tourist destination to go. From natural to those artificial like amusement park, this city is a perfect place to spend your spare time, weekend or even holiday. Including De Jayagiri Padjadjaran. This place will bring you the beauty of Bandung.

De Jayagiri Padjajaran offers the beauty of natural forests with typical Bandung ambience here and there. It is all because the place was intended to introduces Sundanese (the local tribe of Bandung) culture to the visitors. 

Some villas were set on the venue to show how Sundanese traditional house were built. The visitors could rent and spend their night while enjoying the sound of the cricket rubbing their wings and enjoy the starry gaze. 

If your belly start to protest and rumbling, you could also get some food from the nearest cafeteria. they are around 40 small cafetreia which offer tasty local foods to feed those worm in your tummy. 

They also has some traditional and modern day fun activities. You could find jaranan or the traditional dance involving several people riding on a wooden bamboo horse. Sisingaan, or riding wooden lion dance, kecapi or traditional zither, archery and more.

For the modern activities this palce has camping ground, labyrinth, coffee factory, and milk production that you could visit. The nerve challenging ATV and adrenaline rush remote control mini car, paint ball, and trampoline park were also provided by the management. 

De-Jayagiri-Padjadjaran-2.jpgA family enjoying their moments at the natural wooden villa of De Jayagiri Padjajaran. (PHOTO: Instagram/@dejayagiripadjajaran) 

Not to mention the stage for live music performance where you could do a karaoke along with the family or the group you went to. This will surely hype up your holiday with your loved ones. 

They also have an orchard where you could find some exotic fruits like strawberry and blueberries.  You could also pick it with your own hand and taste it or even gather it and brought it home with reasonable price. 

De Jayagiri Padjajaran also introduces the local history of the magnificent Islamic kingdom of Padjajaran by building a mosque with exotic archaic design. They also build an orphanage and shelters for those homeless people. 

Most of them who stayed will learn more about Islam thought and its philosophy. Some of them also managed to recite the Quran and apply it in their daily life in nice way.

De Jayagiri Padjajaran was run by the Perhutani or the local state forest enterprises along with the LMDH or the local forestry community of Jayagiri along with he locals.  Together, they work side by side handing hand to create this beautiful forest. 

Situated on 10.1 hectares area right on the bottom part of Mount Tangkuban Perahu this place will be such a perfect place to learn about the local wisdom. The beautiful social culture and humanity value the Sundanese has will also teach you the meaning of life.

Located at Jalan Jayagiri, Jayagiri, Lembang, West Bandung De Jayagiri Padjadjaran is open for 24 hours on Monday to Saturday. For such a beauty the ticket is so much affordable. The price range from IDR 25-70 K depends on the package you take. So, will you put this place on your itinerary list?

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Rochmat Shobirin