5 Easy Steps for Your Hair Treatment at Home

Senin, 31 Oktober 2022 - 03:19 | 21.46k
5 Easy Steps for Your Hair Treatment at Home
Illustration: Georgeous lady with beautiful hair. (Photo: Valuavitaly/Freepik)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Hair has become a crucial part of beauty which comes naturally. However, to get the beauty you must pay certain price. It's not much but it takes time and effort to do it. You will need to do some hair treatment at home to keep the beauty of your hair. 

You could do this treatment at salon, but it will take time considering the location and the time you will spend at the salon. But you don’t need to be worried for those treatments could be done at home. It will save your time and give you more moments to do some chores while taking care of your hair.

The more you treat your hair in the best way will lead to healthy hair. There are several treatments you could do at home which will give a shiny healthy look. what are they? Check these out.

1. Rinse your hair regularly
Washing your hair at least once every 3 days will give you a healthy hair. But if you have an oily scalp or extremely dry hair you could do it based on your need. Washing your hair regularly will remove the excessive dirt and oil in your scalp. 

2. Choose the right shampoo and conditioner
Choosing the right shampoo for your hair will be better treat to your hair. You could match your shampoo to what your hair need. Try to avoid those shampoo with certain chemicals. The lesser the chemical in your hair the healthier it will be. 

That also goes for conditioner. Try to choose a conditioner which will suit to your hair. Conditioner contains some ingredients that make your hair fall and easily to manage. Little did you know, conditioner was supposed to be applied only on the tip of your hair. 

3. Dry your hair naturally
Use some towel to dry your hair. Cover it with towel after you wash it and let it absorbs the water naturally. Don't sleep with a wet hair, also don’t comb your hair while it's wet or even forcefully run your comb on it. You can start to comb it once it's half dry and use wide-toothed comb only.

4. Vitamin and serum
Applying some vitamins or serum for hair will make your hair stand out. Apply these just on tip of your hair. Meanwhile for the scalp, you can go for natural one like those coconut oil, ginseng oil, or those oil made special for hair treatment. Scrub it a dub and do a little massage on your scalp. 

5. Protects your hair from the sun
Sunlight could also damage you’re your hair. The sun rays can remove your hair moisture and make it dry. It will not happen in a say, but if you keep let your hair exposed by the sun then in a course of time the damage will start to appear. 

Use hat and scarf to protect and your hair when you need to go outdoor while it hot. Use some hair cap as well when you go swimming. The chlorine in the water will force the damage occur faster than it should be. 

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Rizal Dani